Freezer Smoothies

On Mondays after I get home from visiting Gavin in Chicago, I rarely have anything left in my fridge.  To make matters worse, I volunteer teaching at my church on Mondays starting at 6:00, so I have to be there around 5:45.  This means I often have very interesting food on Monday night for dinner, since even if I go to the grocery store I don’t have enough time to cook something before I head out.

This Monday evening I decided to make a smoothie.  I had brought a banana home from work and used it with some fruit I had in my freezer to make a delicious smoothie.

Here’s what I did.  First I cut the banana into chunks.

Then I added a few frozen strawberries.

And some cherries that I froze myself last summer.

I used my immersion blender to mix it up.  Mine came with this great little plastic beaker, which is what I made my smoothie in.  It’s the perfect size.

Until it got smooth.

The finished product, in a glass with a straw.  Perfect for my grab-and-go evening.

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