Planting Seeds and Hopes

This year I’m taking advantage of my company’s community garden plots.  I signed up for a plot and am excited!  For the past few years of being in college without even a balcony, I’ve watched my little brother pore over the seed catalogs during what little winter Texas has, making decisions about pink tomatoes and strawberries.  He’s always bemoaned how hot it is in Texas and how bad the soil is.  This year I finally got to join in on the fun, although I complained more about Wisconsin’s short growing season than the heat.

I decided that since I am planning on putting up more tomato sauce and salsa this year (a surprise hit with Gavin), I should try to grow my own tomatoes.  I’m also going to grow some hot peppers, since I’m betting the Texan in me will want more than my CSA allotment.  My experiment of the year is tomatillos–I’m hoping to be able to put up some salsa verde this summer as well.  There are also herbs, strawberries and cherry tomatoes, and dwarf blueberry plants in my great plans for my balcony.

Right now it just looks like dirt, but I’m still excited about the possibilities of growth, especially after a Wisconsin winter.  Sitting down on the floor of my living room and messing around with dirt, seeds, and seemingly enormous amounts of water was definitely the highlight of my Monday.

Here’s my garden the first day I set it up.



Tomatoes and tomatillos:

Poblanos and herbs:

Marigolds, shamrocks, violas, and daisies:

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One Response to Planting Seeds and Hopes

  1. Kristin Randolph says:

    Katey-What variety of tomato did you plant? I was listening to KC’s garden guru, Toby Tobin this weekend and he says his favorite tomato is Cherokee Purple. Not sure if it is a good variety for Wisconsin summers, but I am going to look for one for myself and your GrandDad.