Garden Update: April 25

I took some pictures of the garden yesterday–and have some news!

The tomatoes are getting gangly and I’ve had to start rotating their tray so they don’t lean so much.  Lots of thanks to my brother for reminding me to do that.  I’m hoping I don’t get the different varieties mixed up.

The herbs (in the back rows) are continuing to grow–and the peppers (in the front rows) have started growing!  What was barely even noticeable last week has turned into a legitimate plant! I put a clear plastic cake cover over them and the jalapenos (which are barely starting to sprout) to hopefully help them stay warm and start growing.

A close-up of the most advanced pepper plant:

The flowering plants are continuing to grow, too.

But the most exciting news is that my dwarf blueberry plants came in the mail on Friday!  Who knew that they mail plants in a cardboard box full of packing peanuts?  They’re still perking up and I need to replant them into a bigger container very soon.

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