Garden Update: May 2

It’s almost time to start moving things outside and into my garden plot.  I’ll have to go shopping later this week for some pots.  Here’s what’s going on:

Herbs in the back and poblanos in the front–they’re really growing!

Tomatoes and tomatillos. They’re so so big now!  Good thing it should be warm enough this weekend or next to get them in the ground.

The jalapenos have two that are juuuuuuust starting to grow.  I found online that pepper seeds are notorious for taking forever and sprouting extremely unevenly, so hopefully the rest will start growing.  If not, hopefully I can find some jalapeno plants.  I was planning on making TONS of salsa this summer.

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One Response to Garden Update: May 2

  1. Kristin Randolph says:

    Katey-Not sure how big the jalapeno seeds are but one thing I learned from your GrandMom was to notch seeds with a knife or razor. It helps larger seeds germinate faster and works well with a big seed like morning glory or okra. Sometimes you will see gardeners recommend soaking overnight to soften seeds with thick shells.