Garden Update: May 9

This weekend I (and the entire state of Wisconsin) went to Home Depot to buy garden supplies.  I got bigger pots to move my poor sad blueberries into, as well as pots for my patio cherry tomatoes, potting soil (two cubic feet!), soil acidifier, marigolds, and hot and bell pepper plants.

My tomato seedlings are getting so big!  Also, I’m concerned that I have them all mixed up and now I don’t know which kind is which.  :

I’m growing strawberries in bags that you can hang up.  They need a few weeks of being flat and getting roots before I can hang them up, though.  For the record, strawberries look extremely sad when they come in the mail.
These are the hot peppers I got because my jalapenos were sprouting so pitifully and the bell peppers I got because I love them so much.  I got serranos, jalapenos, and bell peppers that ripen to red.

The poblanos are still growing well though.  Hooray!

I moved a lot of my herb seedlings into the herb garden tower that Gavin gave me for my birthday last year.  I also bought a rosemary plant–it smells so good.

I haven’t decided what to do with my basil yet though. I might get a long rectangle pot for it to keep on my balcony.  Until then it’s still in the toilet paper tubes.

The blueberries seem much happier to be in big pots instead of their tiny mailing pots.  You have to make the soil acidic for blueberries, but the directions on the package are really easy and tell you what to do for containers specifically.  Hopefully it turns out well.

The flowering plants are still doing well.  I also bought some more marigolds at the store because I remember from my vegetable gardening class that they are good at deterring pests.  I’m not sure if it will work, but I figure it’s worth a shot.

Next week: moving things out to my garden plot!

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One Response to Garden Update: May 9

  1. Sue B says:

    Glad to see that marigolds have some redeeming quality! They are not my favorite, but maybe they will move up now that I know they deter pests.