Garden Update: May 16

I thought I was going to be able to get my garden in the ground this weekend when my mom visited, but no such luck.  It was cold and rainy and exceptionally windy.  This turned out to be good though, since we’re under a frost advisory for tonight.  That’s why they are inside even though they’ve been outside for the past week.  🙁

I should be able to get them out this week though–which is good because the tomatoes are getting TOO BIG:

The peppers are still doing well.

And the strawberries seem to be rooting into the bags, so I should be able to hang them up this week.  Then I can also move the ones out of the pot and into the tops of the bags.

One of my blueberry plants is doing well.  The other one is very very sad.  It might die.  Or it might already have died.  I’m hoping it will make a comeback, but we’ll see.

My little poblanos and the basil are doing well too.  The poblanos will go in the garden and the basil is going to go in a bigger potter on the balcony.  Hopefully I’ll get to have lots of pesto!

Next week they should all be in the garden!

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