Garden Update: May 23

My garden is in the ground!

Gavin and I finally made it out on a non-raining morning this weekend to get everything planted.  It was supposed to storm later that day, so we didn’t water in.  It didn’t.  But it was supposed to rain the next day, so we didn’t water in.  It didn’t.  It sprinkled.  So when I got there on Monday, my plants looked rather droopy.  Here’s a bell pepper:

But never fear, when I went back today they had perked back up.  More pictures from yesterday–a poblano:

A tomato:

And a sad marigold:

I think one of my blueberry plants is going to die or has died.  Booo.  But everything else on the deck is doing quite beautifully.

The deck has been home to some stubborn and troublemaking pigeons for the past few weeks–which has been terribly annoying.  They were roosting on the top of my air conditioning unit–between the spikes put up to keep birds away.  It got to the point that my apartment office knew me by name.  But this time they took the spikes down and I bought one of those creepy owl statues (it startled ME this morning) so hopefully that will be the end of this.  And it needs to be the end because pigeons wake up really early.  Really early.  Cross your fingers they’ll get the memo this time.

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