I couldn’t wait to eat the first of my beef.  I wanted to try it in a simple way so I could really taste it.  I thawed it out and opened it up.

I cut it into four chunks

and shaped them into thick patties.

I decided to only cook two of them since I had heard that grassfed beef can be drier and I didn’t think it would reheat in burger form very well.  Since it’s dry, you also need to start it with some fat in the pan.  Here I used bacon grease.  I used my cast iron pan since I wanted to sear the meat very quickly on the outside and leave the inside rarer and therefore juicier.

As soon as I put the patties down, things got crazy and smoky–when you have a pan that hot, things go FAST.


and pulled off the heat.

You can see that they’re still juicy in the middle–and it was awesome.  I don’t normally feel safe doing that with grocery store meat, but I felt totally comfortable with it here. And I definitely enjoyed eating it.

And now, a kitchen hack.  I decided at the last minute that I wanted cheese on these lovely burgers.  Too late for the cheese to really melt.  I was going to be left with this:

Which would be delicious, but not as delicious as a reaaaaal melty oozy cheeseburger.  So I…

put a pot on top to try to hold in the heat.  And it kind of worked!  These were delicious with no bread, no condiments, even cold the next day for lunch.  I declare buying 25 pounds of meat to be awesome.

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