Garden Update: May 31

It’s almost June and my plants are growing! After a cold snap (complete with frost) before the weekend, things are finally warming up.

The plants on my balcony are doing fantastically.  Being outside all the time really suits them.  The birds finally got the message after a) taking down the spikes that are intended to keep birds away and b) putting this creepy owl statue out.

My healthy blueberry plant is growing tons.

And even the one I thought was going to die has perked up, at least on the bottom half.  I’ll take what I can get.

The strawberries are growing well, at least most of them.  The ones in one bag and the pot are doing the best.

The herbs are growing tons–lots of cilantro and dill and way way too much parsley.

The basil is doing well too–I can’t wait to get lots of pesto in the freezer later this summer.

My garden is doing well–lots of weeding and checking on them.  I had to put a sheet and buckets out last week to protect them on Thursday night, but that’s it.  Here’s a bell pepper plant.

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