CSA: Week 1

Yesterday I got my first CSA box! I was excited all day knowing I could pick it up in the cafeteria before leaving work.  I spread it all out on the counter and got this:

I got some arugula,

some bok choy,

a half-bag of spring mix,

a full bag of spinach,

a head of lettuce,

some (garlic) scapes (if you don’t know what these are, they are basically the green onion version of garlic; removing them also pushes the garlic to focus its energy on the bulb),

some red russian kale (which yes, makes you feel like you are eating tree leaves),

some salad turnips,

some broccoli,

and some radishes.

It’s been a crazy two days trying to get it all to a more stable state!  It’s finally done though–whew.  Here’s where it’s been going:

  • Arugula – pesto with walnuts and parmesan cheese
  • Bok choy – egg roll filling that’s now in the freezer
  • Spring mix – already eaten (tasty salad with avocado, mandarin oranges, and red onion and an orange-maple dressing)
  • Spinach – blanched to make ravioli next week
  • Lettuce – waiting for next week
  • Scapes – to be announced
  • Kale – kale chips, of course
  • Turnips – cleaned and ready
  • Broccoli – trimmed and steamed
  • Radishes – soon to be part of avocado-radish salsa for tacos
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