CSA: Week 2

I was out of town this week, so my friend Mary picked up my CSA on Wednesday and I picked it up from her this afternoon.  Thanks Mary!

This week there are kohlrabi,



salad turnips,

Swiss chard,

mustard greens,

spring mix,


garlic scapes,

bok choy,

and a head of romaine lettuce.

Madison got hit by a nasty storm last week that apparently dropped some hail, hence the sadness of the romaine and chard.  They’ll still be tasty though, and once I got the lettuce apart it was beautiful.

I cut the kohlrabi into matchsticks to eat for snacks.  It tastes like sweeter broccoli and is crunchy like a carrot.

I also cut the turnips (this week’s and last’s) into matchsticks to bake.  I don’t really like the taste of raw turnips, but they taste 100% different once they’ve been roasted, much sweeter and more mellow.  I essentially parcooked them so they are soft but not brown.  That way I can saute with them much more quickly.

This week’s rundown so far:

  • Kohlrabi – cut into matchsticks for snacking
  • Scallions – TBA
  • Radishes – to be braised this weekend, greens in a casserole
  • Turnips – cut into matchsticks and roasted, greens in a casserole
  • Swiss chard – to be sauteed with garlic and last summer’s tomatoes
  • Mustard greens – greens casserole
  • Spring mix – prepared for salad
  • Spinach – to be creamed spinach, one of my very favorite foods
  • Scapes – to be compound butter
  • Bok choy – to be chow mein
  • Romaine – prepared for salad
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