Garden Update: June 20

This summarizes how I feel about my garden today.

Yes, this is a five gallon bucket.  This represents an hour of work.

What’s growing, besides the weeds?

I need to stake my tomatoes soon–they’re getting big.


The peppers are actually growing!  Maw.  Some of the poblanos died though.  Fortunately, I got a second garden plot (to be weeded this weekend when Gavin comes to visit) so I can get some more and plant them.  I really love poblanos.  These are other kinds of peppers, I think a bell in the front and a serrano in the back.

Here’s the plot next door.  This is probably also what my second plot looks like.  YIKES.

I have some bad news about my balcony.  The evil/stupid pigeons are back.  I put the owl up on top of my air conditioner and that seems to be holding them at bay for now.  I’m really bummed though–they are loud, messy, and generally annoying.

There is good stuff growing though, like blueberries.

And strawberries.

And cherry tomatoes.

And basil.

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