CSA Week 3

We’ve made it to week three and there is a light at the end of the tunnel of greens.  You’ll see at the end of the post what I mean.

The group shot:

The lettuce about gave me a heart attack today.

Because inside that, was this:

I may or may not have thrown the lettuce back onto the counter.  But I did eventually cowboy up and dispose of it.  It’s still giving me the heebie jeebies and I will maintain that being scared of bugs is an evolutionary advantage.  I was terrified picking through the rest of everything, especially the lettuce, but I didn’t find anything else scary, just some gnats.  I chanted in my head “bugs on my lettuce is better than chemicals on my lettuce” and that semi-helped.  Anyway.

There was also spinach, another big bag.

Some more broccoli!  I have a really awesome-looking recipe for broccoli cheese soup I cannot wait to try out.

I’m also excited about the first zucchini of the year.  I’ve never had a golden zucchini before, either.  I really love zucchini, especially grilled or broiled.  Gavin’s first description of zucchini was that it is “juicy.”

There’s, of course, more spring mix.  I am eating absurd amounts of salad these days.

There are also more salad turnips.  The share box had about seven bunches in it, so I brought an extra home after learning last week that I really enjoy roasted turnips (and find them absolutely disgusting raw).  The gameplan is to make colcannon with the greens this weekend.

There are more scapes, too.  The compound butter made with the last two week’s is an entire half-pint jar, so I’ll need to use these in some other way.  The butter is extremely tasty though and I highly recommend making some should you find yourself with far too many garlic scapes.

Also a returning ingredient, there is more kohlrabi.

New this week are sugar snap peas!  I am very excited about these and can’t decide if I want to eat them as snacks or make a stir fry.

Also new this week is cilantro.  This can only mean one thing: taco day this weekend!

More scallions this week–perfect for topping the baked potatoes I made tonight.  These ones are super-tall.

There was also more kale, like we had the first week.  It’s the Red Russian variety again–more kale chips that look like oak leaves are in my future.

And last but certainly not least, what we have all been waiting for–the STRAWBERRIES!  Mmmmm.  My farm is also having a strawberry pick this weekend.  Normally we’d be allowed to clear out the fields, but since this is the first week of an extremely late harvest (ahem, we’re looking at you, Memorial Day weekend frost), we’ll be limited on how much we can bring home.  It will still be awesome, though.


  • Lettuce – prepped for salad
  • Spinach – prepped and ready to be creamed
  • Broccoli – broccoli cheese soup
  • Zucchini – broiled or faux-grilled
  • Spring mix – prepped for salad
  • Turnips – cut into matchsticks or cubes and roast
  • Turnip greens – make colcannon
  • Scapes – used as garlic this week
  • Kohlrabi – cut into matchsticks and roasted
  • Snap peas – eaten as snacks or in a stir fry
  • Cilantro – tacos this weekend
  • Scallions – topping baked potatoes
  • Kale – kale chips
  • Strawberries – to be eaten plain and enjoyed immensely
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