Garden Update: June 27

I’m proud to announce a new addition!

No, you are not imagining that you have seen this before.  It’s confusing.  The above picture is my newly planted second plot (Plot 2), and the below picture is the original plot (Plot 1).  With me, weeding.

Gavin and I spent a good chunk of Saturday weeding the old plot (including Gavin digging up a giant chunk of clover, seen below.

We also had to till under the grass on the new plot.  Fortunately it was just grass, and not a monster plot like the one next to Plot 1.  Unfortunately, tilling clayish soil with spades and hoes still sucks.

But it got done and more tomatoes and peppers were planted, some purchased and some moved out from my balcony.  Even the lone tomatillo that sprouted and survived is out there.  We staked all the tomatoes (no giant cages because I live in a tiny apartment–garden hack!) so they don’t get so floppy.

Tomato plant:

Pepper plant:

Everything is growing and things are starting to flower. One of the tomato plants we just bought even has some great signs of what is to come.

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