CSA: Weeks 4 & 5

Sorry that I haven’t been posting–I was out of town for an extra-long weekend and got to see one of my best friends from high school get married.  I did pick up a CSA box right before I left and got another one this week though, so hold onto your hats.

In week 4, there was broccoli, which I cut into florets, steamed, and froze for later.


There was also another bunch of turnips, but without the greens this time.  I (clearly) cut them into matchsticks, then roasted them and turned them into soup with the past couple week’s turnips and kohlrabi.  This is lovely and frozen for me to eat when it’s nice and cold, instead of now.Here’s a shot of this week’s kohlrabi roasting, in preparation for the soup.

There were also zucchini, which I blanched and froze for winter eating.

There was spinach.

I also got more lettuce (romaine this time).  No caterpillars hiding in it, fantastically.

And of course, there was more spring mix.

Snap peas, which are one way that Gavin will actually eat peas.  This batch is blanched and in the freezer.

I also got parsley.

Tastily, there were strawberries.

I also got a head of cabbage, which fortunately kept a week–I made coleslaw for a pot luck.

And finally, there were scapes–mooooore scapes.

This week’s box was very exciting to pick up, there were a few new things and a few things that seem to have been retired.

First there was broccoli, as usual.

We also got moooooore spinach. We’re making ravioli with this week’s and last week’s spinach later today.

There was also head lettuce–I’m trying to stay excited because I know the lettuce might be coming to a close soon.

More zucchini! The yellow ones are regular sized–the green ones are GIANT.

New vegetable: fennel!

And sadly there was more parsley.  We were supposed to get cilantro, but they got mixed up with the every-other group.

Also in the herb world, I got some basil.

Another new vegetable, BEETS! I love beets.

I also got some spring onions.

We also got more kale (the every-others got chard instead, luckies).

There were snow peas, a new treat.

And finally, there were cucumbers, which I promptly turned into fridge pickles.

Week 4 Recap:

  • Broccoli – blanched and frozen
  • Turnips – roasted, made into soup, frozen
  • Kohlrabi – roasted, made into soup, frozen
  • Zucchini – blanched and frozen
  • Spinach – waiting to turn into ravioli
  • Romaine – eaten as salad early this week
  • Spring mix – eaten right away
  • Snap peas – blanched and frozen
  • Parsley – ??
  • Strawberries – mainly eaten but some accidentally abandoned at the airport
  • Cabbage – coleslaw
  • Scapes – most likely turned into scape pesto and frozen

Week 5 Recap:

  • Broccoli – most likely blanched and frozen
  • Spinach – waiting to turn into ravioli
  • Lettuce – to be a tasty salad
  • Zucchini – either eaten indoor-grilled or blanched and frozen
  • Fennel – carrot soup and frozen?
  • Parsley – ??
  • Basil – used in ravioli or made into pesto and frozen
  • Beets – roasted and eaten, tops blanched and frozen
  • Spring onions – eaten
  • Kale – kale casserole or kale chips
  • Snow peas – probably stir fried or blanched and frozen
  • Cucumbers – promptly fridge pickled
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