CSA: Week 6

The secret name for this week is “thank God there is no spinach” as you will note there is no spinach. Whew. However, we are getting into madness with zucchini and cucumbers.

The zucchini–all six of them.  BTW, my farm is donating a literal ton of zucchini to the food pantry because there is just SO MUCH all at once.

There are also lots of cucumbers. Uh-ohhh.  Like I said before, I’m not the biggest fan of cucumbers. More pickles, maybe.

There’s more basil!

And we actually got our cilantro this week.

The onions we got this week are red and much bigger.  The little ones last week were significantly stronger than they looked!

There was also more broccoli! I already roasted this and ate half of it–delicious.

They gave us the option of getting greens this week–I took a bunch of Swiss chard. The other possible option was kale, but I’m not a huge fan of the red russian variety that they grow.  The chard is beautiful.

There was no spinach, but we did get a head of lettuce.

We got some snow peas (which, I might add, are really huge, nothing like the ones you get at the store).

New this week, we got green beans!

We also got carrots! They are super-cute and I am super-excited about them.

Lastly, we got our first garlic this week! My mom has been calling me the garlic queen since I was in elementary school, so this is a great day in my mind.

In summary:

  • Zucchini – some most likely frozen, the rest indoor-grilled or fried
  • Cucumbers – more refrigerator pickles, most likely
  • Basil – pesto to freeze
  • Cilantro – used in cooking
  • Onions – used in cooking
  • Broccoli – roasted
  • Swiss chard – stir fried
  • Lettuce – salad
  • Snow peas – stir fried or frozen
  • Green beans – steamed or frozen
  • Carrots – eaten raw
  • Garlic – used in cooking
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2 Responses to CSA: Week 6

  1. Gavin says:

    Carrots are great for your eyes!

  2. Sue says:

    This week’s haul looks great! Sounds like time for zucchini bread to me…