Garden Update: July 18

It’s so hot here!  The good news is that everything seems to be growing beautifully, but whether that’s because or in spite of the heat, I’m not sure.

The tomatoes are growing into a forest!

The weed I talked about last week, purslane, is apparently a beneficial weed.  I talked it over with my brother, my gardening expert, and decided to leave a low layer of it as a kind of natural mulch.

The tomato plants have lots of little green tomatoes on them and there are still a ton more flowers.

There are so many chile peppers growing! I brought home a ton of serrano peppers today and over the weekend I brought home a jalapeno.

Here’s a shot of the serrano harvest for the day.

The bell peppers are well on their way, with lots of smaller green fruits growing.

I brought one of them home because although beautiful…

…it had a spot on it, I feel like from the sun or something similar.  I’ll just cut it off, though.

The second garden plot is doing well too.  The cucumber plant is growing really quickly!  Cucumber leaves are very poky, by the way.
 The tomatoes are catching up rapidly and have lots of green tomatoes on them.

The peppers are a little behind, but are blooming.  They’re a little leggy for the time being, though.

The tomatillo plant looks good–it has blooms too!  I have no idea what to expect from this plant.

The tomatoes on my balcony are doing well too–they have tons of flowers.

The basil is doing fantastically.

The rosemary is really really sad looking.  Womp-womp.

The oregano is looking fantastic though!

The blueberry plant is growing a lot, even if it doesn’t have any blueberries.  Maybe next summer.

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