CSA: Week 8

Let me share the CSA’s best news with you first: we are past the peak of zucchini and cucumber season.  Whew.

This week there wasn’t a choice of greens, so we all got kale.

I got more basil today, which is already pesto in my freezer.

There were, of course, some cucumbers.  These are already in a quart jar turning into lovely pickles.

There were also some zucchini, all golden this time.  A manageable number, which is looking great when I think about the two gallons of zucchini cubes in my freezer.

There were, fantastically, more green beans this week.  I’ve been eating them roasted–425˚ for 25 minutes until they are browning.  These are so so so delicious.

There were also some more onions, these ones sweet.

There was also more sweet corn!  These ears did not look as good as last week’s and a few already had the tops cut off.  I am sure the remainder will be delicious though.

We got more bell peppers this week–three this time, although they are smaller.

To go with the bell pepper is a Hungarian wax pepper, which is supposed to be hot but less spicy than a jalapeño.

There was also more (tasty-looking) garlic.  I have been pounding through it with all the fridge pickles and greens I’ve been making.

There was another eggplant this week, but the more traditional kind.

There was also another head of cabbage, which we haven’t seen in a while.

Finally, we got beets, which I adore.

I already roasted (and ate some of) the beets.  Here’s my hand after peeling and chopping all of them:

Fortunately, it washes off extremely easily when the beets are raw.


  • Kale – possibly kale chips
  • Basil – pesto in the freezer
  • Cucumbers – fridge pickles
  • Zucchini – possibly zucchini boats, possibly frozen
  • Green beans – roasted
  • Onions – cooking
  • Corn – take to Gavin’s
  • Bell peppers – quesadillas
  • Wax pepper – quesadillas
  • Garlic – cooking
  • Cabbage – ??
  • Eggplant – dip or zucchini boats
  • Beets – roasted
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