CSA: Week 9

This week’s CSA is extremely heavy–it (very heavily) filled three reusable bags.

There were obviously more zucchini.

There were also the requisite cucumbers, which turned into quarts eight and nine of fridge pickles.

I got more green beans, which I am thrilled about.  Eating roasted green beans has become a great part of my week.

We got globe eggplants again this week–this one was massive.  I have roasted this and will puree it to make eggplant dip before freezing it.

I also got two lovely onions, which have been added to the onion bag in my fridge.

We also got another head of garlic.  Part of mine is giving my pickles lots of zing.

There is tons of corn in my fridge!

For the first week in a while, we got some more broccoli.  It’s been long enough that I am actually happy, although this will probably wind up frozen.

There was also more basil, soon to be more pesto in my freezer.

There were also some green onions.

And of course, more green peppers.

New this week: melons! And a ton of them.  First, a watermelon.

We also got a muskmelon, which lots of people know better as cantaloupe.

And for the final melon, we got an Asian melon.

You’d think that’s all, but SURPRISE!  I also bought a case of corn this week.

And more surprises, I picked up a co-worker’s CSA from another farm since he’s out of town.  Now that you’re in on the surprise, I can tell you that it took me two trips to carry everything out to my car and two more trips when I got home.

Here’s what his box had in it.

It’s a half share, so it’s smaller, but it was interesting to have something to compare my own box to.

There was a big bunch of smallish carrots.

There was also zucchini in this box.

And a cucumber, but just one.  It joined its friends to be pickled.

There were green beans, just like my regular box.

We also got an eggplant, but the Japanese kind.

The small bunch of kale we got was dinosaur kale, not the red russian kale that my farm grows.  I’m not crazy about the red russian, so hopefully this kind will be better.

There were a couple of onions in this box as well.

Finally, there was a bunch of thyme, something that my farm doesn’t really do.  It smells wonderful.

In summary, my fridge is going to explode.

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2 Responses to CSA: Week 9

  1. Gavin says:

    That cantaloupe is not the normal cantaloupe color – interesting