CSA: Week 10

This week’s box did not fit in the box at all.

Besides a box full of stuff, we also picked up three additional items.  Let’s start with the regulars.

There was a nice bag of carrots this week. I’ve just been washing these and putting them in the fridge, then cutting them up for my lunch when I need a filler.  They’re awesome with peanut butter.  (Thanks Dad!)

We also got some beets, which always excites me.

There were a couple of lovely onions.  Today I cut up some of the onions that have been chilling in my freezer and froze them.  I’ll bag them tomorrow so I can have strips of onions whenever I need them.  The little ones I minced in the food processor and froze too, same idea.

Along those lines, there was more garlic.  I have actually been keeping pace with the garlic, in part thanks to all those fridge pickles.

Speaking of fridge pickles, there were some more cucumbers.  I have lost count of all the jars lining the back of my fridge, but I know it’s a ton.

There were also some more zucchini.  Gavin and I made cinnamon-swirl zucchini muffins last weekend.  I’ve been freezing more shredded zucchini lately in one- or three-cup bags to make zucchini bread or those muffins in the winter.  I’ve also been eating them shredded in quesadillas.

We got more corn this week.  This week’s was the wormiest yet, so I was relieved that I got my bumper crop earlier in the season.  I have some corn frozen loose and lots frozen creamed so far.

We got two watermelons this week.  These were two of the additional items that didn’t fit in the box.  Last week Gavin and I ate tons of watermelon and I froze the juice into a watermelon granita.

There was another muskmelon, although this one looks different than last week’s.  I’ve been told that it’s orange inside.

We got a fourth melon, too.  This one’s a honeydew.

We got more of the teeny sungold tomatoes this week, which I am thrilled about.  The last ones a few weeks ago were so tasty!  These will be snacks.

There were also our first big tomatoes this week!  I made some pico with part of one already but am not sure what I’ll do with the rest.

And the final object not in our boxes this week was a red (purple) cabbage.  This will probably get shredded and frozen like the cabbage from a couple weeks ago.

One last shot of everything together–I love this week’s box because it is so colorful and summery.  So awesome.

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One Response to CSA: Week 10

  1. Gavin says:

    This week’s box is extremely colorful. The red tomatoes give the image a kick.