Garden Update: August 15

Nothing too exciting is happening in the garden.  I’m starting to harvest more and more each time I go out — today it was over two pounds!

The tomatoes still have tons of green ones. Last week I spent almost an hour wrestling them up off the ground and attempting to anchor them to the stakes.  Hopefully it works.

These Baxter cherry tomato plants are probably three feet tall and are really wide — I’m pretty sure that they were described as being bushy and determinate, so I’ve been surprised at how floppy and huge they have been.

The tomatillo plant is starting to get some fruit that looks promising.

The bell peppers are starting to ripen.

The Roma tomatoes are juuuust starting to ripen too.  This is the first one I’ve seen start.

I picked a bunch of cherry tomatoes and a few hot peppers today.

The BT seems to be working to keep away the tomato worms.  I’m glad I don’t have anything that Japanese beetles like to eat because they are swarming my neighbors’ plots.  The cucumber plant is getting more bug action than the rest seem to be — it looks like the stinkbugs like it.  But I still picked two lovely cucumbers today.

The cucumbers have turned out to be much easier to grow than I thought they would be.  Actually, I think everything has.

I also picked a few larger tomatoes, including three that are Black Prince tomatoes, an heirloom variety from Siberia.  I’m hoping they taste as good as they look.

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