Fridge Pickles

I keep talking about making fridge pickles so I figure it’s time I show you how to make them.  The lovely Tara came over and made them with me a couple Saturdays ago.

Her then boyfriend  now fiance, John, also pointed out that these are extremely garlicky, so go easy on that if you are not a super-garlic-lover.  Since these are not canned, but are instead kept refrigerated, you can be a little more loosey-goosey with your measurements.

Here’s what you need.  That’s cucumbers, garlic, pickling spice, brown sugar, and vinegar.

First you slice up your cucumbers.  I slice mine about 1/4″ thick.  Make sure you throw away the ends because they’ll make your pickles mushier, especially the blossom ends.

Pack them into a jar–I use quarts because I have so many cucumbers, but any size should work.  I find that about two and a half average-sized cucumbers fill a quart jar to the brim.

Once you have the cucumbers packed in, you can jam in your seasonings.  I add about four cloves of garlic, crushed, to each quart.  In case you don’t know how to crush garlic, you just lay it down on your cutting board, unpeeled, and then do this.

Add some pickling seasoning, probably about a tablespoon.

Then mix some brown sugar water.  I’ve found that it takes about a cup and a half for two quarts of pickles, but it will depend on how tightly you pack your cucumbers.  Just mix a spoonful of brown sugar with the water for each quart.  Stir it up.

Then pour it into the jars until they’re about halfway full.

Top them off with white vinegar until all the cucumbers are submerged.

Put the lid on, give it a shake and put it in the fridge.

They’ll take a few days to taste like pickles, so don’t try to eat them right away.  You’ll also notice that the color changes as they turn into pickles.


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  1. Tara says:

    I like this post a lot.