Tomato Overload

My garden is doing well but the tomato plants seem to be dying…although they are still producing tomatoes like crazy.

Since Friday I’ve picked eight pounds, thirteen ounces of tomatoes. Almost three pounds are the larger tomatoes.  These will probably turn into some kind of salsa later this week once I get some more from the garden and the CSA.

But most of them are cherry tomatoes.

The cherry tomatoes I will slow-roast again, because those turned out super-tasty.  They take a whole evening though, so I have to start them right when I get home from work and take then out when I go to bed.

I froze last week’s in a mini muffin pan and will then transfer them to freezer bags.  This way they won’t freeze into a giant block and I’ll be able to pull out just what I need.  It’s amazing that two entire baking sheets of tomatoes cook down into this.

What do you do with cherry tomatoes?


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One Response to Tomato Overload

  1. Kelsey says:

    I eat them as an afternoon snack along with carrots and celery, with hummus!