CSA: Week 12

This week our farm’s newsletter started talking about autumn!  The sad part is, it is definitely apparent that autumn (and winter!) are coming sooner than I might like.  It’s getting dark earlier and this was the last week for some summer favorites.

Corn is going by the wayside.  This was our last week.

It was also the last week for melons, which I can’t say I am too sad about, since I am struggling to keep up.  This week, we got a muskmelon.

We also got another watermelon.

There were more slicing tomatoes this week.  I’ve already turned these into two kinds of salsa and some tomato paste this evening.

We got a couple more zucchini this week too!  I will almost miss the fresh zucchini when it’s gone, I think.  Good thing there’s so much in the freezer!

There were more cucumbers.  I bought two gallons of vinegar last weekend, so these are set to become more fridge pickles.

We each got a GIANT beet this week too.  It’s bigger than my two fists put together.

There was another Hungarian wax pepper this week.  This is already salsa too.

I was excited to see more green beans!  I love green beans.

There was more garlic, mmm.  I love garlic.

There were also a couple of onions in the box.  These are more cured than the ones we were getting earlier in the summer, so they store much better and don’t need to be refrigerated.

New this week, there were some lovely heirloom tomatoes.  I even snagged a couple extras from the share box.  I made an heirloom tomato salsa with these.

And here’s everything together.  Over and out, friends!

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