CSA: Week 13

This week makes it seem like it’s really the end of summer.  No cucumbers.  No zucchini.  No melons.

Don’t worry, even in Wisconsin, there’s still tons of tasty stuff at this time of year.

There were two kinds of herbs this week.  There was some basil.

 We also got some cilantro this week.  I’m not someone who hates any cilantro and always thinks it tastes like soap, but I do think it gets overpowering fast.  What do y’all think?

There were a couple teensy eggplants this week too.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with these yet.

We got what seem to be our last two ears of corn.  They told us last week was the last week, but apparently not.

Last week we were each doled out a couple of precious heirloom tomatoes.  This week we just got a giant bag of them.  These tomatoes are probably fated to become heirloom tomato salsa.  Hopefully their pink and orange beauty holds.

We also got a bag of regular tomatoes this week again.  I’m not sure what will become of these yet — maybe more pizza sauce or yet another batch of salsa?  Maybe some plain diced tomatoes might be the way to go.

We got our first red bell pepper this week!  I love bell peppers.

We also got two sweet Carmen peppers, which google tells me are a kind of bell pepper.

This week brought another green jalapeño.  I am a huge fan of jalapenos in my salsa, but since burning my hands a few weeks ago I am more careful than ever to use gloves when cutting up many of them.

We also got a poblano pepper!  This made me excited to pick more from my garden soon.  I love poblano peppers when they’re roasted.  Poblano peppers are what chiles rellenos are made of.

We got another head of garlic this week, which is good because the last of the pickles decimated my garlic stash.

We also got a couple onions.  My cache of onions has been getting destroyed by the (at least) weekly salsa-canning festival being held in my kitchen.

This week we got another cabbage.  I haven’t quite figured out what I want to do with this yet, so it’s fortunate that cabbages are designed for long-term storage and sit in a crisper drawer quite happily.

This week we got another giant beet!  Seriously, these beets are huge.

And finally, this week brought the special treat of edamame!  These are a favorite of Gavin’s, despite the fact that they are green.

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