CSA: Week 14

Sorry for the lack of posts, friends.  Gavin had a stomach bug and I went to take care of him.  Then, much better news, he proposed!  We’re getting married!

As exciting as this news is, it does not stop the parade (onslaught?) of vegetables.

This week we got some more potatoes, this time white.  These will probably just hang out in the pantry for a while.  Fun fact about Gavin: he hates potatoes.

We got three giant carrots this week, too.  These are in the bag in the crisper drawer with the rest of the carrots.  Root vegetables are awesome for lasting so long.

We got an onion this week too.  These are now getting to be the kind with papery skin that last much longer and don’t need refrigerating.

I also got a bunch of scallions this week.  They are enormous.  Seriously, the scallions I’ve gotten from my CSA are the biggest ones I’ve ever seen.

Of course, there was another bag of regular slicing tomatoes.  Last week’s got taken to Gavin’s apartment and then parents’ house to put up as salsa.

There was also a bag of heirloom tomatoes.

Also this week, more edamame.  This will be eaten, along with last week’s haul, by Gavin, since he can actually enjoy it now instead of eating an exciting diet of rice and bananas.

We also got my favorite, green beans!  I am actually amazed that I didn’t already eat these, but I bet they will be gone soon.  Number of green beans that have made it to the freezer: zero.

We also got a huge broccoli crown this week, which I’m excited about.  Broccoli is such a tasty vegetable.  Gavin will even eat it now, which is a major accomplishment.

There were a few red carmen peppers again this week.  Last week’s went into a decidedly non-spicy batch of salsa for Gavin this winter and this week’s went into the freezer in slices.  Red bell pepper all winter long?  Yes please!

There was also another big red bell pepper, which is the freezer too.

The last pepper we got was a Joe Parker pepper, which is mildly hot.  This got diced and frozen for later use.

I also got another head of garlic, always good to have.

And finally, we got a bunch of cilantro this week.

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