CSA: Week 15

It’s fall.  Tonight we are supposed to get frost.  Yes, Texas, I know you are still counting days over 100˚, but here in Wisconsin we are rapidly picking the last things from our garden before they die.

I’m super-excited about this week’s box because it’s so autumnal.

There are lots of stapley things in it, like garlic.

And another staple, an onion.

Starting the autumnal theme, there were some carrots again.  Tara and I ate some roasted carrots for dinner tonight and they were deliciously autumnal.

We also got another couple of beets today, pretty big ones.  Tara and I also had a roasted beet.  As Tara pointed out, beets are beautiful and would make good inspiration for a wedding.  She and I talk about weddings a lot now.

Some cruciferous vegetables remind us that fall is coming and the days are getting cooler.  There was broccoli again, just a teensy head this time.  Gavin and I ate last week’s in some peanut spaghetti.

There was also some kale, a curly variety that I greatly prefer to the Red Russian kale we were getting earlier in the year.  I think this kind makes much better kale chips and is easier to prepare.

There’s also a leek–and it’s actually cool enough to be turned into potato-leek soup now!

To remind us that it’s still technically summer, we seem to be finishing off the summer crops.  There are still green beans (YAY).

There are also tons of carmen bell peppers this week.

There were also a couple of regular bell peppers.  Tara and I cut all the peppers up this evening and I have them happily in the freezer (which is about to explode).

There was also a jalapeño included.

There are also still tons of tomatoes.  Regular slicer tomatoes, a whole bag full.

There was also a bag of a super-variety of heirloom tomatoes.  Pink, yellow, red, brownish…a rainbow of tomatoes!

This is a particularly beautiful box, I think.  Lots of variety and seasons and such a good reminder that different foods are from different times of year.

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