CSA: Week 16

Later this week is the official first day of fall — and here in Wisconsin, it feels like it.

The frost we got last week didn’t seem to do too much damage, since we still have tomatoes.  There are both regular slicers…

…and heirloom tomatoes.

There were also more green peppers this week.  These will go into the freezer with their green pepper friends.

There were two more Carmen peppers, too.  Tara and I had a cutting party with last week’s peppers to get them into the freezer.  She was pretty appalled with the freezer situation…but it still holds everything!

I got more garlic this week.  Now that I’m not making pickles every week, I am growing a little bit of a surplus in the garlic department.

We also got another onion this week — a red one this time!  This will make a tasty Tex-Mex dish or fancy salad.

There was also another leek this week.

We also got more potatoes this week.  Hopefully these potatoes keep well…

Now that it’s cool, we are getting greens again (like the kale last week).  This week was spinach.

Lastly, fall brings our first winter squash!  This one is a spaghetti squash, one of my favorites.  Just roast and top with sauce like you would any spaghetti.  Cheesy sauces with greens are extra-delicious.

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  1. Alex says:

    I want a picture of the freezer