CSA Weeks 17 & 18

This is a special, late, Katey-has-been-traveling edition of the CSA post.

There were a lot of green peppers and a couple of red peppers last week, in preparation for getting frost.  I cut these all up, along with everything from my garden, and froze them in strips.  I’ve already been enjoying them in quesadillas.

As an aside, this is how big one of the peppers I pulled from my garden last week was.

We also got some tomatoes last week, but they were definitely already winding down.  I made these into a nice tomato puree and froze it.  Pizza or spaghetti or soup!

There were also two red onions, which I’ll probably use for tacos or fajitas.  Maybe when I make lengua tacos!

We also got some garlic last week.  Now that I’m not making tons of pickles, I’m finally starting to save up garlic.

There were some more carrots, of course.  I’ve mainly been eating these roasted with beets.  I think cooked carrots are underappreciated.

Now that it’s cool, we’re getting greens again.  Last week we got a big bag of spinach.  I blanched and froze this to make spinach lasagna or something later.

We also got some LETTUCE!  I’m honestly excited about having lettuce.  This is a really nice head of romaine.

We also got a small bunch of cilantro last week.

Lastly, we got two delicata squash.  I’ve never had these before, so I’m looking forward to trying them.

This week we got more great stuff.  My friend Joe picked up my box for me because I was out of town, and I brought it home on Friday.

There was what appears to be for-real-the-last of the tomatoes.  There are a few red ones, a few green ones, and a few pink ones.

There were a few more peppers this week.  I’ve left them out since taking this picture and the green ones are turning slightly more red.  Awesome!  These will join the rest in the freezer.

There was another onion, some more garlic, and a leek.


We also got a few more carrots this week.  These are taking up space in my crisper.  Someday I want to have a root cellar!

We also got another bag of potatoes.  Since Gavin doesn’t like potatoes (who doesn’t like potatoes?!) it’s slow going.

There was more spinach this week.  It’ll probably join last week’s in the freezer.

We also got another head of broccoli.  Maybe a broccoli-cheese topping for some potatoes?  Or beef and broccoli this week.

There were also two acorn squash in this week’s box.  Both of these recipes look delicious for winter squash: Parmesan Roasted Acorn Squash and Crusted Butternut Squash.

And finally, what I have been waiting for and Gavin has been dreading: BRUSSELS SPROUTS!  He has nothing to worry about; I am not sharing.


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One Response to CSA Weeks 17 & 18

  1. Kristin Randolph says:

    I have a solution for your potatoes. You need GrandMom’s recipe for Party Potatoes-the ones we always have for the holidays.