CSA: Week 19

Next week is the LAST WEEK!  Oh man.  This week, lots of good stuff but no brussels sprouts.  This is, to me, a small tragedy.  Please excuse the terribleness of these pictures; it was dark when I got home yesterday.

The other good stuff:

We got three littler onions this week.  Score for the onion stash.

Another (pretty huge) head of garlic for the garlic stash, too.

There were a handful more of carrots.  Every time I roast anything, I also roast carrots.  There are an awful lot of carrots in my life right now.

And also beets.  Lots of beets too.

While there were not any brussels sprouts, we did get some broccoli, including two baby heads.

There was also another nice head of romaine lettuce.  Romaine and creamy salad dressings are just made to go together.

There was also more spinach.  I need to blanche and freeze this.  I’m thinking spinach-and-chicken lasagna soon sounds like a great idea.

This was promised to be really really really the last of the bell peppers.  I hate to say it, but I hope so.

We got a kind of radish called Beauty Heart this week.  I figure I’ll try roasting it since I evidently don’t like radishes raw.  Maybe roasted and blended with potatoes into soup it would be good?

And lastly, we got a butternut squash this week.  My mom makes an apparently tasty soup from the book Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, With Recipes (a book I love and wholeheartedly recommend) which I have never had the privilege of eating but hear about constantly.

As I said before, next week is the LAST SUMMER BOX!  After that I have signed up for four winter boxes which are more geared at storage, with things like winter squash and root vegetables providing the bulk.  You know, things that you can actually get in the Wisconsin winters.  I’m interested to see how these go.

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3 Responses to CSA: Week 19

  1. Alex says:

    You’ve never had that butternut squash soup?!? It is quite delicious.

  2. Kristin Randolph says:

    You two sound like your cousins.