CSA: Week 20

This is the last box of the season!

There was more spinach.

There was also a head of redleaf lettuce.

We got a head of cabbage, too.  Cabbage is something I really struggle to eat, especially by myself.  I wind up taking most of it to pot lucks as cole slaw.  If I ever have a self-sufficient garden, I doubt I will grow much cabbage, if any.

There were a ton of carrots in the box this week.  I had to get a second bag to keep them all contained in my fridge.

We also got a few beets.  I’ve been enjoying these and the carrots roasted and will likely continue to eat them that way all winter.

There was the requisite onion and garlic this week again.  The garlic is practically a baby it’s so tiny.  Also representing the allium family, another leek.

There was another beauty heart radish this week.  I’m not a big radish fan either.


This week brought more greens — a bok choy.  This is really good in potstickers or any kind of Asian noodle/stir-fry dish.

We got a new kind of squash — the kuri squash.  This is a pretty hefty squash, like a small pumpkin.

Lastly, we got our first sweet potatoes of the year.  Gav and I just ate some sweet potatoes (baked alongside a roast chicken) last weekend.  My mom also makes a super sweet potato casserole that everyone in our family is obsessed with.  No marshmallows.

That’s it for the summer — all 20 boxes!

In two weeks, the winter share starts.  These come every other week for a total of four boxes.  I’m interested to see what will be in these and how they will compare to the summer shares both in terms of produce and manageability.

If you’re interested to see the entire contents of my CSA through the past summer, check out my CSA Page.

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