Winter CSA: Week 1

Today was the first week of the winter CSA.  First lesson: winter CSA is heavy.  Second lesson: you need two shelves in your pantry to store your squash, potatoes, and onions.  You’ll see.

First, the light things.  Greens!  There was a bunch of kale, and it is my favorite kind of kale!  (Yes, I have a favorite kind of kale.  You should too!)

We got another head of bok choy.  I’m going to have to figure out something interesting to do with these.

We got two baby heads of red-leaf lettuce.

There was another bag of spinach.  Gavin ate some spinach from the last box in chicken quesadillas this week.  Yum!

We got two leeks this week.  One of them is the most enormous leek I have ever seen!  The smaller one is regular-sized, to give you an idea of how huge it is.

There are brussels sprouts this week!  Brussels sprouts are so amaaaazing.  I’m almost happy that Gavin doesn’t like them so I don’t have to share.  I just cut them in half (or leave the babies whole) and roast them.

There’s a red cabbage this week.  I found a recipe for roasted cabbage this week that I want to try.  I am hoping it will be tasty, like roasted brussels sprouts!

Now the five pound mesh bag series.  First, potatoes.

Then sweet potatoes.

Aaaand onions/garlic.  These are all now on the newly created potato and onion shelf of my pantry.

There were two acorn squash…

and two butternut squash.  These are on the newly created squash shelf.

Lastly, the roots.  There were about five pounds of carrots in this week’s box.  My crisper drawer is about 50% carrots.

There were a few beets this week too.  Roasting party!

More beauty heart radishes this week.

And lastly, parsnips!  Let me tell you about my introduction to parsnips.  My family went to Ireland and my (then picky) little brother came back saying he liked them.  I bought them specifically for him (it took going to two stores to find them), made them, and he didn’t eat them.  If you’ve never had them, they taste a lot like sweet carrots.

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  1. Gavin says:

    If you’re reading this and you don’t hover over the images to see the alt-text, you should – very interesting facts on this post.