Guest CSA!

I’m puppy-sitting for a friend who’s out of town so he offered me his CSA and a coworker did the same.  So I brought home a lot of free food today.  Score!

There were some leeks!  (More soup next week, maybe?)

There were lots of carrots!  Last night I steamed a bunch of carrots.  Eating raw carrots during college and at work had made me forget how tasty cooked carrots are.  If you haven’t had them in a while, you should check it out.

Kale overload!  This is Red Russian kale.

Broccoli!  I have a vegetable chowder recipe that I really want to try that has broccoli in it.

Also some garlic.  I need to roast a few heads (and try out that cool garlic-peeling trick) soon!

These brussels sprouts came on the stalks!  I had to snap them off with my thumbs.  This yielded a large mixing bowl full, so I’m super-exciiiited.

Butternut squash!  These are a petite variety and apparently have a really brightly colored flesh.

And lastly, a new variety of squash called Sugar Dumpling.  They are evidently (and fittingly) very sweet.

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