Taco Pizza

This past weekend, Katey thought of a great idea to put a twist on my favorite type of food, pizza!

She called it taco pizza – basically it came from the fact that she had taco-seasoned chicken in the refrigerator, and wanted to couple it with pizza some way.

First we followed the pizza dough recipe we used on our Bacon Pizza. We really like this recipe because we can make home-made dough, but we don’t have to wait for it to rise.

For the sauce, we used a tiny bit of tomato pizza sauce, but mostly some mild salsa. We topped with the taco-seasoned chicken and a 60-40 percent mix of cheddar and pepperjack cheese. We cooked the pizza for 12-15 minutes at 450°.

As a dipping sauce or topping, we added a splash of water to a bit of sour cream and stirred vigorously.

The pizza had a hint of spiciness and tasted excellent!

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