Winter CSA: Week 2

This is so behind it’s not even funny, but I want to document this!  I got this box the week before Thanksgiving but didn’t have a chance to post this before leaving on a whirlwind trip.

There was butternut squash.

There were also some potatoes, Russets this time.  I’ve already eaten some baked potatoes and plan on re-trying an extra-crispy roasted potato hack I found with them.

There was also another bag of assorted onions and garlic.

There were some festival squash, a variety I hadn’t gotten before.  I haven’t tried these yet.

We got one kohlrabi, which I’ll probably roast since I’ve found that’s one way that I like it.  Plus it’s winter so who wants to eat cold raw vegetables?

There were some more beauty heart radishes.  I ate one of these with my friend Tara.  We roasted it with some brussels sprouts.  It was really tasty!  And cute — it looked like a tiny watermelon, with a pinkish-red inside and a white/green exterior.

There was a bunch of curly kale.

There was a big bag of carrots.

And a bag of beets, too.

We also got a head of lettuce.  Gavin and I ate this as a chicken taco salad.

And a bok choy.  This is one of the things I have the hardest time figuring out what to do with.

Lastly, there was some spinach.

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