Winter CSA: Week 3

This week’s CSA was so heavy.  I feel like it definitely put my reusable bags to the test —  I have two sets of these Envirosax bags, and they are my absolute favorite reusable bags.  They’re pricey but I love them.  Here’s what I was loaded down carrying today.

There were a few kinds of winter squash this week.  I found some tasty-looking pasta and winter squash recipes, so I’m hoping to try those out soon.  You can find them (and tons of other stuff) on my Pinterest.  This week there were two butternut squash,

two festival squash,

and one acorn squash.

This week brought another kohlrabi.

We also got a couple more leeks.  I plan on making some more of that awesome potato-leek soup this weekend.

There was also a cabbage. (I have found a couple of delicious-looking cabbage recipes too!)

Tonight I was quizzing Gavin on the various greens.  He struggled to tell this kale apart from broccoli.  In his defense, they’re related.

There was also some lettuce.  It’s so awesome to still be getting lettuce!

The last green this week was some boy choy.

This week also brought tons of below-ground crops.  The standard carrots,


onions and garlic,


and beauty heart radishes…

were accompanied by the more unusual celeriac, or celery root,

and rutabaga.

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2 Responses to Winter CSA: Week 3

  1. trish says:

    We had TONS of squash this year and we cooked them down, mashed them and froze the mash to use to make pies this winter. Same as pumpkin pie – just using the butternut and acorn squash mash instead. Yum!

    • Katey says:

      That sounds tasty! My fiance’s grandmother used to make sweet potato pies when she was a lunch lady and just told the kids it was pumpkin pie so they’d still eat it.