Kitchen Hack: Cook Your Pasta in Less Water

I saw a hack where you cook pasta in less water, and start the water cold.  I often cook my pasta in less water than is “recommended” but I’ve never tried starting it with the cold water before.  Here’s the original video (from CHOW):

I set out to give it a shot tonight when making some macaroni.  I put the macaroni in my frying pan, covered it with cold water, and turned on the heat.

It started boiling surprisingly fast and then it was just a few short minutes until it was time to drain.

The pasta turned out well (my macaroni and cheese was delicious) and I think it did save me some time.  I would definitely do this again!

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2 Responses to Kitchen Hack: Cook Your Pasta in Less Water

  1. Rob says:

    So sorta the same way that rice is cooked (except a lot shorter). Interesting