Winter CSA: Week 4

This is the very last week of the CSA season!

There’s nothing new and exciting anymore.  Everything is a repeat and some of them are super-repeats (I’m looking at you, beets and carrots).

Of course, beets,



and onions/garlic.

Squash this week: butternut

and festival!

Additional roots this week: celeriac

and beauty heart radishes.

And lastly, a cabbage aaaand


After breezing through the produce section of the grocery store for months and months except to occasionally grab an avocado or maybe some fruit, I have to say that a CSA has been great.  The best would be to grow it yourself and have full control over what varieties of things you get.  There were some things I just never used to their full potential (bok choy and cilantro) and some things I was desperate for more of (green beans and brussels sprouts).  I would definitely have a CSA again!

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