Aaaaand we’re back: Cutting Avocados

Here’s a handy tip I figured out over my holiday travels — avocados are really great, but they can be hard to cut up because your hands get slimy.  This helps to keep that to a minimum.

Circle the pit of the avocado with your knife and pop it in two.

Then use your knife to score the avocado flesh into cubes.  Don’t cut the skin, just the flesh.

Then use a spoon to scoop out the flesh, which will fall into cubes.

Totally ready to mash into guacamole, put in an omelet, or top a salad!

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2 Responses to Aaaaand we’re back: Cutting Avocados

  1. jolene says:

    how do i know if the avocado is ripe?

    • Kate says:

      Avocados should be a little squishy but not totally soft. Kind of like a peach or other stonefruit.

      Another thing is to look under the little “button” on the avocado, as described here. I can’t totally confirm that this method works, but it might be another way to help you identify ripe avocados.