Pot Lid Storage

I know that my pot lids are currently precariously balanced, but once Gavin and I get our new place, I want to have them a little more organized.  Here are some options I’ve found.

Use a tension rod to make a convenient place to keep your lids in a cabinet or better yet, in a deep drawer.

Image from Imperfect Homemaking

The second one also uses tension rods, but to organize a cabinet for upright storage.  The great thing about these tension rod hacks is that they are totally usable when you are renting!

Image from LifeHacker

The next is to use hooks to create customized storage for your lids on a cabinet door.

Image from LifeHacker

And lastly, you can use a towel bar on a cabinet door to hold your pot lids.

Image from Martha Stewart

Do you have any hacks for storing your lids?

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