Provel: The St. Louis Cheese

Since moving back to the St. Louis area, I’ve been enjoying some of the things that make St. Louis a unique place to live. One of those things is St. Louis Style pizza.

Imo's Pizza is a great example of St. Louis style pizza

St. Louis style pizza is known for Provel cheese. Provel cheese is a white, processed cheese, but don’t let “processed” fool you. This cheese is “processed” because it is simply a mixture of cheddar, swiss, and provolone cheeses, but it’s made of real cheeses.

Provel Cheese

Provel is even invading other areas of the United States. For example, Charlie Brennan on KMOX recently discovered that a restaurant in New York City named Speedy Romeo is serving pizza with Provel cheese.

In 2010, KSDK in St. Louis did a great piece on Provel – featuring its history and where it is sold in St. Louis.

Next time you’re in St. Louis, pick up some St. Louis style pizza, or at least some Provel cheese.

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