Gavin’s New Lunchbox

KitchenHacks is back! And married!

Now that Gavin and I are married, I’ve been assuming primary lunch-packing duties, especially while I wait to start my new job.  I tired of packing him a container of leftovers and baggie of tortilla chips pretty quickly, mainly because I felt like it was a crappy lunch.  So I convinced him that he should get a Laptop Lunchbox like mine, except in a manlier color.  His is black with dark blue inside containers and a spare set of red containers.

Lessons I have learned so far packing lunches for someone pickier than myself:

  • An apple with peanut butter can be marketed as a main dish similar to a PBJ without the bread.
  • Snap peas and cheese without crackers do not make Gavin happy.
  • Salads with leftover meat on top are a super-hit and lead to zero food waste.
  • Lids are appreciated on all containers to avoid leakage (even on things I wouldn’t always pack a lid on).
  • The more fruit, the better.  Nuts are good too.
  • Hard-boiled eggs work as part of the lunch in a pinch.

I think overall his lunches have had a lot more variety than they did before and definitely contain more fruits and vegetables.

Gavin’s thoughts: “They are super good and more nutritious than before.”

We’ll be posting some pictures of our lunches throughout the summer!

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3 Responses to Gavin’s New Lunchbox

  1. Rob says:

    So tortilla chips are not one of the food pyramid groups?

  2. Tara says:

    OH MY GOSH I AM SO GLAD KITCHEN HACKS IS BACK. I’m just going to cook all the things on here and never have to worry about planning 🙂