First CSA!

We picked up our first CSA of the season on Saturday!  Our CSA is from Our City Farm and we have gotten a chicken and a dozen eggs every week along with our vegetable share.  Our City Farm is suuuuper-local to us — it’s an urban farm less than five miles from where we live in St. Louis.

Here’s what our vegetable share had this week.

That’s a beet, some little turnips, two bunches of chard, yellow summer squash, lettuce, and a bundle of various herbs.

We’ve already enjoyed the squash in some peanut spaghetti with other vegetables we already had hanging around.

And the lettuce we enjoyed alongside our beer can chicken.

Later this week we’ll be having Gavin’s favorite cherry-tomato chard and some quick-roasted root vegetables.  Follow us on instagram for pictures of what we’re eating (and tons of other things too) at kateyb and gavinr!

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One Response to First CSA!

  1. Sue says:

    Very similsr to our “local box” this week. We had okra and ‘southern’ peas instead of chard. We also have blackberries, blueberries, and peaches. We are a little further along in the growing season in Texas, though:)