2012 CSA: Week 3

This week’s CSA has a bunch of lettuce, some chard, a tomato, and (not pictured) a yellow squash.

The squash was already eaten and the lettuce is mostly gone.  Gavin and I are eating a lot of salads in our lunches recently — I’ll post some lunch pictures later this week.  The chard I’m planning on using instead of spinach in an orzo pasta side dish.

We used a whole dozen of our CSA eggs for a Fathers’ Day frittata at the Rehkempers — our first frittata and it was awesome.

This week we did not make a beer can chicken, shockingly.  I cut up the chicken and we grilled the leg quarters with a garlic rub and froze the breast and wings for later use.  The back we put in a slow cooker with some vegetable scraps and cooked it overnight for stock.  This worked super-well and the stock looked and smelled amazing.

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