OXO Cast Iron Brush

There are very few “unitaskers” as Alton Brown calls them that I allow in my kitchen.  We just picked up the OXO Cast Iron Brush this weekend while trading in gift cards from the wedding and I’m already enamored with it.

The brush part is actually sturdy enough to scrub the pan with.  Normally I clean my cast iron pan with salt and hot water, but this let me use significantly less salt and best of all, my hands weren’t black at the end of the cleaning process.  It also has a scraper end which is great for things like pancake batter or baked on cheese.  After the first time I used it, I told Gavin “if we ever give a cast iron pan as a gift, we should give them one of these too!”  I highly recommend this if you love your cast iron cookware but hate cleaning it or if you want to try cast iron but the cleaning process scares you.


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One Response to OXO Cast Iron Brush

  1. Melissa says:

    I know it’s months later – I found this while Googling the Oxo brush – but I wanted to say thanks for posting this. I’ve been wanting to get a brush for my cast iron skillet but the Lodge one gets terrible reviews, and I never seem to remember to look for generic stiff-bristled nylon brushes while I’m at the store. I do a lot of steaks in my pan (the Alton Brown way, of course – heating the pan in the oven, then searing the steaks stove-top and finishing back in the oven) and the same process that makes a nice crusty sear on my steaks also makes a crusty mess in the pan that isn’t easy to get out with just boiling water or scrubbing with salt. Thanks to your post, I can order this confident that I’m not going to be wasting $ 10. Woo hoo!