Sunroom or Slow Cooker Room?

It’s been HOT here.  We bought a patio table at the beginning of the summer and haven’t used it since June.  HOT.

One nice thing about our old-fashioned house layout is the door to the kitchen, which lets me trap my cooking heat in there (and also the smoke when we make chicken or pizza in the oven so we don’t set the smoke detector off…but that’s another story).  Sometimes even that is too much, so we’ve been using the slow cooker more often.  How do we keep that from heating up the house too?

Solution: use the slow cookers in our sunroom, which is already un-air-conditioned (and also unheated).  It doesn’t heat up the house, which is awesome.  And they’re not totally outside, which a lot of other people say they do, so they’re safe from the crazy squirrels in our neighborhood.  (Seriously, crazy.)

Additional bonus: the table they’re on cost $5 at a garage sale. Score!

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