Taste Test: Reheating French Fries

You know how you really want to eat your leftover french fries but know they’ll probably be terrible?

We got an order of french fries and reheated them three different ways in a single-blind taste test to see which was the most successful.  All fries were pretty sad-looking and some had been subjected to buffalo wing sauce.

Before Baking

The fries before baking

The methods:

  • Yellow plate: Medium oven, about 350º
  • Red plate: Hot hot (toaster) oven, about 450º
  • Green plate: Stove with small amount of oil

Baking Process

Toaster Oven Fries

Toaster Oven

Reheating the fries in a pan on the stove

On the stove

In the oven - done

In the oven

Our conclusions

Final taste test

Gavin thought the green plate (stove) were the best but a bit oily. The other two were crunchy but ok. I thought the stove ones tasted so good you could hardly tell they had been reheated. I would eat the other ones, but they were definitely not as good!  From now on, we’ll definitely be reheating all french fries on the stove.

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2 Responses to Taste Test: Reheating French Fries

  1. Sue says:

    Very interesting…did you put them in hot oil when you heated them on the stove? And how long did it take to cook them.

    • Kate says:

      The oil was a little bit heated, just like you’d heat the oil to cook an onion or something. I cooked them until they were hot and the outsides felt crispy to the touch, just a few minutes.