Review: Grocery iQ

Gavin and I use Grocery iQ to manage our shopping lists for various stores.  I’ve been using this app for about five years and chose it back when I was in college for my iPod touch.  My use of it has really changed over the years, but we still really like it.


Some things we love:

  • We can use the same account on both of our phones, so our shopping lists are always synced.
  • I can log into the web interface from any computer to manage the lists.
  • We can make multiple lists, so we have ones for the grocery store, Costco, Target, the hardware store, and things we’re looking to find secondhand.
  • I can specify how much of something I need, either by quantity or weight in pounds.
  • I can save things to my favorites and add them quickly, which is great for things like milk or eggs that we buy all the time.

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Some downsides:

  • If something isn’t in their database of products but is similarly named, it’s hard to get it to add what you want and not one of their products.  My main example of this is red bell peppers.  To get around it, I add things I plan on buying semi-frequently to my favorites.
  • Things can get lost if they aren’t added to a specific list and you aren’t in the habit of checking your “All Items” list.  This has gotten Gavin before.

This is definitely a situation where being a geek trumps my love of writing lists on paper.  The ability to have either of us edit the list from any device at any time is the best part.

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  1. Ksenia says:

    Hello, Kate! Nice review, sounds like you really know what you want from a grocery list.

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