Chest Freezer Organization

We just bought a new chest freezer at Costco in preparation for the side of beef that will arrive later this fall.  (Yes, this is our awesome basement with a red floor. It’s an old house and the basement is where it shows the most.)


I am really excited to pack it full but wanted to be sure all the food was accessible, not just the top layer.  Since it’s fairly deep, that’s a real problem.

We opted to buy some smaller bins that stack even when empty to fill the main part of the freezer.  That way if I want something all the way at the bottom, I just have to take out the few baskets on top instead of removing every small package of meat.  The medium ones worked out just right to fit two across and four deep.

The freezer came with a basket that I’m using above the compressor area, so there’s only a small space between the bottom of the basket and that shelf.  Since it was basically impossible to find a basket for such a narrow space, I’ve decided to keep my large packages of meat there, like the bags of shrimp or fish that I buy at Costco.

Just a side tip: we also opted to tape the special freezer defrosting tool directly to the freezer so we’ll always know where it is. Good thinking, Gavin!

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