CSA Posts

Here is an archive of all of the CSA inventory posts. Listings of posts about specific vegetables can be found in the right-hand column.

What is CSA?

My summer share CSA starts next week! I am really excited.  I’m planning on posting pictures of my box and what I do with it each week.  But before we get to that, I figured I’d make sure everyone knows … Continue reading

CSA: Week 1

Yesterday I got my first CSA box! I was excited all day knowing I could pick it up in the cafeteria before leaving work.  I spread it all out on the counter and got this: I got some arugula, some … Continue reading

CSA: Week 2

I was out of town this week, so my friend Mary picked up my CSA on Wednesday and I picked it up from her this afternoon.  Thanks Mary! This week there are kohlrabi, scallions, radishes, salad turnips, Swiss chard, mustard … Continue reading

CSA Week 3

We’ve made it to week three and there is a light at the end of the tunnel of greens.  You’ll see at the end of the post what I mean. The group shot: The lettuce about gave me a heart … Continue reading

CSA: Weeks 4 & 5

Sorry that I haven’t been posting–I was out of town for an extra-long weekend and got to see one of my best friends from high school get married.  I did pick up a CSA box right before I left and … Continue reading

CSA: Week 6

The secret name for this week is “thank God there is no spinach” as you will note there is no spinach. Whew. However, we are getting into madness with zucchini and cucumbers. The zucchini–all six of them.  BTW, my farm … Continue reading

CSA: Week 7

Lots of new stuff this week!  But first, the old stuff. Lettuce, a lovely head this week. There’s also more lovely rainbow chard! We had the option again this week to take some chard and/or kale, but the chard is … Continue reading

CSA: Week 8

Let me share the CSA’s best news with you first: we are past the peak of zucchini and cucumber season.  Whew. This week there wasn’t a choice of greens, so we all got kale. I got more basil today, which … Continue reading

CSA: Week 9

This week’s CSA is extremely heavy–it (very heavily) filled three reusable bags. There were obviously more zucchini. There were also the requisite cucumbers, which turned into quarts eight and nine of fridge pickles. I got more green beans, which I … Continue reading

CSA: Week 10

This week’s box did not fit in the box at all. Besides a box full of stuff, we also picked up three additional items.  Let’s start with the regulars. There was a nice bag of carrots this week. I’ve just … Continue reading

CSA: Week 11

This is week 11 of the CSA — we are now on the downhill slope!  This is both a relief and sad.  The boxes seem to be getting heavier and heavier.  Today’s filled four bags as well. There was some … Continue reading

CSA: Week 12

This week our farm’s newsletter started talking about autumn!  The sad part is, it is definitely apparent that autumn (and winter!) are coming sooner than I might like.  It’s getting dark earlier and this was the last week for some … Continue reading

CSA: Week 13

This week makes it seem like it’s really the end of summer.  No cucumbers.  No zucchini.  No melons. Don’t worry, even in Wisconsin, there’s still tons of tasty stuff at this time of year. There were two kinds of herbs … Continue reading

CSA: Week 14

Sorry for the lack of posts, friends.  Gavin had a stomach bug and I went to take care of him.  Then, much better news, he proposed!  We’re getting married! As exciting as this news is, it does not stop the … Continue reading

CSA: Week 15

It’s fall.  Tonight we are supposed to get frost.  Yes, Texas, I know you are still counting days over 100˚, but here in Wisconsin we are rapidly picking the last things from our garden before they die. I’m super-excited about … Continue reading

CSA: Week 16

Later this week is the official first day of fall — and here in Wisconsin, it feels like it. The frost we got last week didn’t seem to do too much damage, since we still have tomatoes.  There are both … Continue reading

CSA Weeks 17 & 18

This is a special, late, Katey-has-been-traveling edition of the CSA post. There were a lot of green peppers and a couple of red peppers last week, in preparation for getting frost.  I cut these all up, along with everything from … Continue reading

CSA: Week 19

Next week is the LAST WEEK!  Oh man.  This week, lots of good stuff but no brussels sprouts.  This is, to me, a small tragedy.  Please excuse the terribleness of these pictures; it was dark when I got home yesterday. … Continue reading

CSA: Week 20

This is the last box of the season! There was more spinach. There was also a head of redleaf lettuce. We got a head of cabbage, too.  Cabbage is something I really struggle to eat, especially by myself.  I wind … Continue reading

Winter CSA: Week 1

Today was the first week of the winter CSA.  First lesson: winter CSA is heavy.  Second lesson: you need two shelves in your pantry to store your squash, potatoes, and onions.  You’ll see. First, the light things.  Greens!  There was … Continue reading

Guest CSA!

I’m puppy-sitting for a friend who’s out of town so he offered me his CSA and a coworker did the same.  So I brought home a lot of free food today.  Score! There were some leeks!  (More soup next week, maybe?) … Continue reading

Winter CSA: Week 2

This is so behind it’s not even funny, but I want to document this!  I got this box the week before Thanksgiving but didn’t have a chance to post this before leaving on a whirlwind trip. There was butternut squash. … Continue reading

Winter CSA: Week 3

This week’s CSA was so heavy.  I feel like it definitely put my reusable bags to the test —  I have two sets of these Envirosax bags, and they are my absolute favorite reusable bags.  They’re pricey but I love … Continue reading

Winter CSA: Week 4

This is the very last week of the CSA season! There’s nothing new and exciting anymore.  Everything is a repeat and some of them are super-repeats (I’m looking at you, beets and carrots). Of course, beets, carrots, potatoes, and onions/garlic. … Continue reading

First CSA!

We picked up our first CSA of the season on Saturday!  Our CSA is from Our City Farm and we have gotten a chicken and a dozen eggs every week along with our vegetable share.  Our City Farm is suuuuper-local … Continue reading

2012 CSA: Week 2

This week’s CSA is still very springy.  Lots of greens. From left to right, we have: herbs, broccoli rabe (aka rapini), two kinds of lettuce, swiss chard, and two kinds of turnips. So far we’ve enjoyed a broccoli rabe pasta … Continue reading

2012 CSA: Week 3

This week’s CSA has a bunch of lettuce, some chard, a tomato, and (not pictured) a yellow squash. The squash was already eaten and the lettuce is mostly gone.  Gavin and I are eating a lot of salads in our … Continue reading

CSA Review: Our City Farm aka Villarreal Family Farm

I loved my CSA  in Madison, WI. With that farm, I bought avocados and sometimes fruit at the grocery store.  That’s it.  I was drowning in produce and was so happy about it!  The e-mails that the farm sent out always gave me a … Continue reading

Slow Cooker Chicken

We ate a lot of whole chickens around here this summer — we got one every Saturday in our CSA box.  Beer can chicken is great, but sometimes you want to eat other things.  A great way to have chicken … Continue reading